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What is Mesopuncture? N°1

What is Mesopuncture? N°1
It is the liquid drug in Acupuncture point, with the BMN device or iontophoresis process. Mesopuncture detailed.

#Mesopuncture is the deposit of few drops of a neutral or active liquid drug, either by injection or passive deposit into the Acupuncture Point _ AP. It is a version of treatment, proposed by Chinese medicine, accompanying in general the classical Acupuncture.
It is the drug in acupuncture with BMN or iontophoresis.
Practicing Mesopuncture is an unexpected opportunity to associate acupuncture and Mesotherapy, western-based drug delivery technique, but it would need a triple needle insertion.
To promote this benefit for the patient, it was necessary to optimize the three needle insertions pain, it is what BMN allows with a single needle insertion into the skin: It has appeared appropriate to take advantage of the already needle inserted to extend its role and, at the same time,
· To add a metallic stimulus or acupuncture to liquid stimulation or Mesopuncture. 
· To perform thus Mesotherapy Points _ PMs by, passive or active deposits in the dermis or hypodermis around the AP, of few drops of liquid drug either using the BMN needle and its reservoir or the iontophoresis apparatus.
The BMN is the ideal device that allows to optimize the needle insertion pain and take advantage of, (thanks to its reservoir, the handle of the needle, of drug included in its structure), the needle inserted into the AP, to perform with this same insertion, both Mesotherapy and Acupuncture- Mesopuncture or MAM.
This mode of treatment, injecting or depositing a drug in the PA or Mesopuncture, proposed by Chinese medicine, fell into oblivion in the West.  Its rebirth, in the West, favored by the BMN concept, was started by #Bleu Medical, Fr, and published on the Internet with the title #Mesopuncture held by a web:
This Internet publication was followed by a multitude of Internet sites, with different titles but always after our web about the use drugs in the AP.
Some answers to the questions the therapist may ask himself about Mesopuncture:
If initially, the liquid drug was injected, only by needle, into the AP, the use of iontophoresis has allowed later to describe a needle-free version.
At what point of the acupuncture consultation, Mesopuncture is performed?
The Mesopuncture is fully integrated into the classical acupuncture consultation before, during or after insertion of the conventional acupuncture needles which must remain in situ for about twenty minutes.
What is the diameter of the acupuncture needle and injection hypodermic needle?
• Usually, the Acupuncture needle diameter is 0.3 mm. The injection needle diameter is 0.45 mm.
Is diameter the only criterion for the needle to be qualified as acupuncture needle?
Normally, the acupuncture needle diameter is 0.30mm there are, but rarely indeed, acupuncture needles with a finer diameter.
It is not the exclusive criteria to define the acupuncture needle. This is the need for the needle to have a handle allowing the Therapist to perform acupuncture.
&&&How is the liquid drug selected?
It is selected in the pharmacopoeia according to the health or aesthetics disorder, presented by the Patient.
It is a liquid drug, already used in daily practice, preferentially intravenously or intramuscularly more rarely.
The liquid drug is then divided into micro-doses, injected or deposited, by needle or iontophoresis, into the AP for Mesopuncture and into the dermis around the AP, to create, in this case, Mesotherapy Points_ MPs.
Both actions can be realized during the same session with the same injection vector, the BMN.
What the advantage is of associating acupuncture and Mesopuncture?
The drug acts both by its own therapeutic action recognized by the International Pharmacopoeia or 'Pharmacological effect' and as an own stimulus of the PA producing an 'Acupuncture Effect', both effects due to the physicochemical structure of the drug.  These two actions are added to the classic 'acupuncture needle' stimulus.

The medication acts by both 'Pharmacological effect' and ' Acupuncture Effect ', two effects due to physicochemical structure of the drug. These two actions are added to conventional stimulation with an acupuncture needle.

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