mercredi 8 juin 2016

How I treat the desire, urge, addiction to sugar and sweets... As

How I treat the desire, urge, addiction to sugar and sweets... As I treat tobacco addiction.

According to a study by Australian researchers from the University of Queensland, sugar addiction exists well and truly and could be treated In the same manner as that of tobacco.

Scientists have shown that repeated absorption of sugar was acting on the brain as do known addictive substances: cocaine, morphine, or tobacco.

excessive sugar consumption "raises dopamine levels that control centers of reward and pleasure of the brain," confirms Professor Selena Batlet who participated in this study.

As with other drugs, it is necessary to gradually increase the proportion of sugar consumed for keeping this rate of dopamine.  In some cases are noted of the neurological and psychiatric consequences affecting mood and motivation.

According to the study, artificial sugars procure the same effects in the brain: Useless to hope getting out of spiral sugar by using the "sweetener"

That’s why I use to treat sugar and sweets addiction, the same acupuncture points as for smoking or opiates detoxification.
Each puff of cigarette is composed of more than 4 000 chemical particles, including poisons such as arsenic, formaldehyde and ammonia.

The harmful effects of tobacco are numerous: smoking increases blood pressure, contributes to narrowing arteries, reducing the oxygen supply of to the heart and many other damages.