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In facial aesthetics, what to do, with the remaining hyaluronic acid?

In facial aesthetics, what to do, with the remaining hyaluronic acid?

Activate, by micro doses the Acupuncture Points or Mesopuntura, of the face?
It should be remembered that, for the most part, the aesthetic treatments, of the face in particular, have as objective to consolidate the trophicity skin by stimulating the connective tissue: The fundamental substance as well as the elastin and collagen fibers.
Since decades, the therapeutic properties of Acupuncture on the different parameters of facial aesthetics are recognized internationally.
·                    According to classical acupuncture theory, 
Acupuncture points_ APs are interconnected in a network of meridians extended longitudinally along the surface of the body, connecting the peripheral tissues, between them and to the internal 'organs'.
APs, of systematized (sometimes random) location have specific therapeutic properties allowing to divide APs into three classes, depending on the extent of the therapeutic action, in APs of general, regional or local action. Only these last APs of local action, that do not require extensive knowledge in Acupuncture, are involved in this article.
Currently it is emphasized that the great similarity between on the one hand the connective tissue structure and on the other hand the meridians and APs network, allows involving the connective tissue, both in the components of acupuncture and the mode of action of acupuncture.
The meridians are considered to be cleavage plans of connective tissue and the APs heaps of connective tissue of privileged and easy access from the skin surface through APs, whose systematized location in the skin was described by the elder.
It is considered that activation of the APs, necessary for its efficiency, is in reality, activation of the peripheral and specialized connective tissue, performed by a path starting from the skin, the AP, giving a direct and safe access to the connective tissue,.

Activation is carried out by a needle or by a liquid drug. 
The 'Acupuncture' effect is notable, in all the connective tissue surrounding the AP, but is more evident at the level of the AP (5 mm diameter)... after the stimulation, is noted, microscopically, an alignment of collagen fibers in the AP.
By a needle inserted in the AP but the activation time lasts few days and implies a new needle insertion.
By a liquid drug injected (or deposited without needle): Duration of the activation depends on the elimination rate of the liquid drug from the body: It is of very long duration for hyaluronic acid delaying at the same time a new needle insertion.
For activation by other liquid drugs: Each liquid drug has a duration of action described in the Pharmacopoeia, corresponding to the duration of AP stimulation. The activation period is variable and depends on the physicochemical structure of the liquid drug with this characteristic proper to local injections of drug:

·                    The locally injected liquid drug first reaches directly the area of the altered skin without passing through the liver, and then in a second time, after passage in the liver and conjugation, reaches again the altered zone.              

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