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The liquid drug in Acupuncture or Mesopuncture. Notes & definitions.

The liquid drug in Acupuncture or Mesopuncture. Acupuncture & Pharmacological Effects. Some notes & definitions.

Acupuncture Effect: Effect resulting from the Acupuncture Point stimulus  by the metallic acupuncture needle or classical acupuncture.
Pharmacological effect some drops of a liquid drug, injected or passively deposited without needles, in the AP:
 For Acupuncture, disease is the result of the body’s energy imbalance. 
Acupuncture helps to restore the balance of the body’s energy by using needles inserted in the body.
In effect,
  • To benefit of the Acupuncture therapeutic effect or ‘Acupuncture Effect’, it is necessary to stimulate the Acupuncture Points _ APs, after having carefully located them.
For centuries, stimulation of the APs was achieved by compact needles inserted into APs.
Since the end of the last century, for painful, acute, chronic or persistent or rebellious cases, Chinese medicine proposed and started the liquid drug injection, into the APs already selected and stimulated by the acupuncture needle it is, sometimes expedient and useful, to associate, to classical stimulus by metallic needle of the AP or classical acupuncture, few drops of a liquid drug injected or passively deposited without needle in the AP.
Using, in Mesopuncture liquid drugs of the pharmacopoeia, as PA stimulus on the one hand helps to restore the body's energy balance on the other hand allows the Patient to benefit from the own preserved pharmacological drugs properties or Pharmacological Effect'.        
The Acupuncture Point fluid stimulus or Mesopuncture generally accompanies the Acupuncture Point_ AP compact acupuncture needle stimulus or classical Acupuncture. 

This fluid stimulus of AP or Mesopuncture added to the classical stimulus can "enhance" or ‘potentiate’ it.

It is advisable to use the same needle double-acting, at the same time for of the AP stimulus through metal needle stimulus or classical acupuncture and drug injection into the PA or Mesopuntura.

This association, ‘Pharmacologic Effect’ and ‘Acupuncture Effect’, of the liquid drug is the fundamental property of liquid drugs administered by intravenous or intramuscular injection and listed, for the most part, in the western pharmacopoeia of daily use, in conventional medical treatment of localized or generalized disturbance, in aesthetic or health.

The Mesopuncture, made by hollow acupuncture needle, allows a triple treatment:
Double stimulation of PA, by needle and liquid drug producing a double Acupuncture Effect.
The drug keeping its pharmacological properties produces a Pharmacological Effect.