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What is the interest of inserting the needle into the Acupuncture point,

What is the interest of inserting the needle into the Acupuncture point, for Acupuncture in general and facial aesthetics, in particular?
What is the interest in inserting the acupuncture needle into the #Acupuncturepoint, for acupuncture in general and #facial aesthetics, in particular?
There are some years in France, the Acupuncture_ point AP has been described as a well, beginning in the connective tissue and opened at the surface of the skin.
SOULIE de MORANT, the ‘inventor’ of acupuncture in the West, has attributed the sensitivity of the skin surface of the AP to the AP itself.
·                    Since short time, Pr. LANGEVIN, described the AP as a mass, a convergence of connective tissue cleavage planes. This mass corresponds, by careful palpation of the skin, to the anatomical details described by the Ancient, to assist in the localization of IPs: A slight depression, a hole, a node ... These anatomical details would, according to Pr. LANGEVIN, in reality, be an easy access to greater amounts of connective tissue…
According to the same source, we also know that the volume of connective tissue in the AP allows a stimulus of greater intensity, an acupuncture effect of 'higher intensity knowing that the needle inserted at any point of the skin also produces an acupuncture effect ', but of lesser intensity.
Another feature of APs is, according to Pr. LANGEVIN, the alignment of collagen fibers in the APs, after the stimulus.
Acupuncture is active also in the other component of the connective tissue, the extracellular matrix, which allows the signal produced by stimulus of the needle or liquid drug, to be transmitted from one AP to another AP and for production of the acupuncture effect as described in Chinese medicine.
Stimulus of the connective tissue to stimulate the skin trophicity is part of the essential objective of any aesthetic treatment, particularly in facial aesthetics. This is the acupuncture main role.
Stimulation by the needle insertion must be repeated after a short period: Two to three days.

The fluid stimulus duration by a commonly used liquid medicine is dependent on its physicochemical structure: Duration more or less identical to the needle stimulus.. But in facial aesthetics, stimulation by a liquid drug commonly used, can, besides its therapeutic role in aesthetic recognized by the pharmacopoeia, have also a stimulus role of the AP, lasting the duration of its elimination from the human body, that is to say several months, 
Acupuncture was the first science using stimulation of the connective tissue to treat various conditions, including aesthetics.
If the metal needle was the first stimulating mode, since the end of the last century, Chinese medicine proposes the stimulus by a liquid drug or Mesopuncture, also.

 Microneedling also known as collagen induction therapy and Mesotherapy in its classical or nappage version, have adopted this mode of stimulus initiated by Acupuncture, but we don't have found any mention of fundamental anteriority of for the connective tissue stimulation by needle or liquid drug proposed and used in Acupuncture.  

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