jeudi 31 août 2017

Skin Care, Acupuncture Mesopuncture Points, Mesotherapy.

The skin is the vector that allows applying different types of treatments, with/without injections, in medicine, aesthetic or beauty care: Mesotherapy, massage, ointment, botox, hyaluronic acid, laser, beauty care, aesthetic medicine, etc.
Often, the treatment applied in this particular area of the body, activates jointly the Acupuncture Points _APs located in the thickness of the skin, in this same area. 
In effect, in the thickness of the skin of the same area, are located Acupuncture Points _ APs, of systematized anatomic landmarks described for millennia, easily recognizable after a basic training.
They can be imperfectly stimulated by the same mode of treatment already applied.

It is interesting for adding an energy dimension to the already instituted treatment, to replace the incomplete and imperfect, because involuntary, stimulation of the APs by the usual and codified Acupuncture stimulation modes, as below, taking into account the location of APs.
In effect, we distinguish:
·                    Stimulation by a needle or by an external way (laser, massage, Moxas, micro currents etc.) which adds an energetic dimension to the instituted treatment. The effectiveness of this type of stimulation is of short duration, a few days.
·                    Stimulation by injection (or deposit, without needle) of a liquid drug into the
AP of local action (or Mesopuncture), introduces also, an energetic dimension by stimulating the AP due either to the volume injected into the AP or the chemical structure of the liquid drug.

The role of Acupuncture has been strengthened by Mesopuncture, activation (stimulation) of the AP by a liquid drug, injected by the same acupuncture needle if it is hollow (or by a specific device) or deposited at the surface of the skin, crossing it by iontophoresis (virtual Mesotherapy).
All around the AP, into the dermis, using the same technique, with/without needle and the same liquid drug, Mesotherapy Points _ PMs can be created: Indeed, the AP is described as a well beginning in the subcutaneous connective tissue and ending at the epidermis around which, may be created into the dermis and star-shaped, small reservoirs of few drops of the same liquid drug, which are the PMs. PAs and PMs are so close that they can be adjacent and made with the same needle and the same liquid drug.
The tangle of, topographical, technical and therapeutic fundamentals of Mesotherapy and Acupuncture/Mesopuncture, allows grouping them into one and the same treatment or MAM or Mesotherapy Acupuncture Mesopuncture, performed during the same visit. 
The Therapist can choose either to perform one of the components of MAM or the three components. In both eventualities it must be either:
·                    Entitled to inject liquid drugs. He can use a single and same needle, the BMN: Using a single needle insertion optimizes the needle insertion pain, it is an element of comfort for the Patient.
·                    Or not entitled to inject liquid drug: It must then use the iontophoresis that allows the liquid drug to cross the skin without using needles.
In summary, this triple treatment, the MAM, can be performed according two ways:
1.            Needle-free.
Moxas laser massage, etc. are used to perform Acupuncture and iontophoresis is used for Mesopuncture and Mesotherapy.
2.            With Needle (s).
Or a compact acupuncture needle and a hollow needle for injection in Acupuncture and Mesotherapy.
Or for carrying out the MAM, a specific device, the BMN, is inserted into the skin.

The BMN, what is?
The BMN is a disposable device performing the MAM, once its reservoir is filled with a liquid drug with/without therapeutic activity and its needle is inserted into the AP. With the BMN, in addition to Mesotherapy the Therapist can carry out Acupuncture and Mesopuncture and the Acupuncturist in addition to Acupuncture can achieve Mesopuncture and Mesotherapy. 

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