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Therapeutic N°1, by injection into Acupuncture Points_ APs or Mesopuncture.

Therapeutic by injection into Acupuncture Points_ APs or Mesopuncture.
Two Parts. PART (1).
Therapeutic by injection into acupuncture points is a method of treatment developed on the basis of acupuncture, combining traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine. It involves injecting drugs into the points or areas of positive reaction. By injecting a solute of drugs into the acupuncture point it will produce sensations due to the physical and chemical stimulation caused by acupuncture and drugs which allows regulating the body’s resistance and thereby achieving the healing of ailments.(1)           Palpation of the Points                                   
Palpation points aims to detect abnormal change of meridians points, i.e. their expressions of positive feedback, using the touch sense of fingers, which is the basis for the diagnosis and treatment.
To practice palpation, we first leave the patient take a comfortable and natural position according to the regions to be palpate and asked him to relax the muscles. And then we palpate carefully and with patience the regions selected using the thumb and forefinger.
We can leave the finger slide on the skin, massaging it, pressing it point-by-point, or depressing it to determine if there are abnormalities (manifestations of positive reaction) in the connective tissue of the dermis and subcutaneous and deep tissue.

For example there are perhaps at the level of the meridians points, cords and nodules, large or small, soft or firm of different shapes (round, spindle-shaped or flattened). Hypersensitive or painful points by pressure can be found and the same for impastos, muscular-cutaneous depressions and modification of muscle tone, the change of the skin color can be also observed.

The scope of palpation includes, paravertebral points (Huatuojiaji), Shu points of the back located on the dorsal lumbar region, Mu points in the thoracic & abdominal region, points of the four members meeting the condition to be treated as well as Ashi points (painful points by digital pressure).

(2)          Treatment technique
1.                 Choice of points.
a.             By palpation of the fingers, are chosen the points having the most remarkable reaction as key points for treatment.
We should know to avoid choosing too many points in a single session. It is important to accurately locate the selected points… If the positive reaction is not very clear, we can choose the corresponding meridian points.
b.             We choose the points as is done in regular acupuncture. But the points of the hand and foot as well as areas where there are not many soft parts are less-used. 
2.                Operative technique.

Prior to treatment should be explained to the patient characteristics of the therapeutic process and reactions that may occur when processing such as feelings of swelling, heaviness or weariness. 

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