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Course online. N ° 1. Overweight aesthetic pain. MAM & BMN.

Course online. N ° 1. Overweight aesthetic pain. MAM and BMN.
Obesity overweight cellulite addiction pain. Crania-facial, aesthetics neck and hands. Mesotherapy acupuncture Mesopuncture or MAM. With/without needles, the BMN. 

To help decrease with methods minimally invasive, certain health, cosmetic or body shape disorders, it is useful to gather several therapeutic modes such as the Association of two versions of Chinese medicine (Acupuncture and Mesopuncture) and an administration mode of Western drug (Mesotherapy) whose value depends on the effectiveness of the drug chosen and used by the therapist.
Literature learns us:
o   On the one hand that the Acupuncture Point _ AP begins in the dermis/epidermis.
o   On the other hand, that the Mesoterapia Point _ MP, can be created, in anywhere in the dermis and particularly around the AP, facing the painful or altered zone: This proximity between APs and the MPs allows the same needle to reach the AP and create the MPs.
That is why we have created a therapeutic set the Mesotherapy Acupuncture Mesopuncture or MAM, beneficial for the Patient: They are two versions of Chinese medicine, acupuncture Mesopuncture and a new Western way of injecting a drug, Mesotherapy. 
Acupuncture, Mesopuncture: Stimulus by needle, Stimulus by a liquid drug.
The Acupuncture Point _ AP, is a path starting in the epidermis to terminate in the subcutaneous tissue, in the connective tissue; It is a systematized localization point, known since thousands of years.
• The AP is stimulated with metal needle.
Since time is used, in the West, acupuncture, to relieve pain or other health or aesthetic disorders, but not only through APs located on specific areas of the human body at the skin surface. The location is systematized and taught in universities of China and certain countries of the world.
Specific signs, on the skin or on the thickness of the skin, help all therapists to locate the AP, in the same cutaneous site.
The AP chosen depends on the source of the pain or disorder to be treated.

The AP is stimulated by internal way with compact metal needle or by external way with massage, laser and waves. Is created an Acupuncture Effect noticed since millennia by Chinese Acupuncturists.
• To complete or extend the acupuncture effect, Chinese medicine began, at the end of the last century, the use of a liquid drug in the Acupuncture Point or Mesopuncture, at first, in ear points and then in APs of the whole body.
• Mesopuncture uses either a syringe and needle, or the principle of iontophoresis, without needles by passive drug deposit at the skin surface.
We prefer the use of BMN.
Western medicine, for its part, began several years ago to treat various health or aesthetic disorders by the deposit in the dermis or superficial hypodermis of the nearest area of the health or aesthetic disorder, of few drops of a drug, already active on these disturbances, thus creating the Mesotherapy Point- MP, specific of Mesotherapy.
Publication of Mesotherapy and publication of Mesopuntura were born, at the same time:
Is it a real coincidence?
·         The Mesotherapy Point MP does not exist unless it is created everywhere in the dermis, even around the AP: In fact, a MP can be created anywhere in the dermis  if it is injected (Classic Mesotherapy) at this point, some drops of drug _Allopathy, trace elements, phytotherapy, homeopathy, saline, distilled water, vitamins, anti-aging etc.  
Mesotherapy Point MP is created throughout the dermis even around the AP: The MPs are so close to the APs that they can be adjacent:
Therefore, the same needle, having already performed Mesopuncture, by injection of a drug in the AP can create several MPs, by injecting a few drops of the same drug used for Mesopuncture, around the AP, through the dermal part of the AP, throughout the dermis surrounding the AP, without removing the needle insertion into the AP.
The MPs and Mesotherapy are thus created.
Mesotherapy is not a new treatment: It is another way of administering a drug by input located in the dermis of a few drops of drug in front of or near the damaged region.

• PMs can also be created without needles, without injection, by iontophoresis.

This entanglement between the Acupuncture Points APs already labeled and the Mesotherapy Points MPs that can be created in the dermis of the whole area separating two neighboring APs is the basis of the therapeutic set, Mesotherapy Acupuncture Mesopuntura or MAM.
In addition as we have already indicated and as explained below, it is an easy opportunity offered to add the benefit of each of the three therapeutic modes, Acupuncture Mesopuncture, Mesotherapy, for which are used, in addition, the same device (BMN, for example), the same drug, the same needle insertion in a single therapeutic act.

But Acupuncture Points already exist on the skin.

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