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Course on line. No 2. Aesthetic Overweight Pain. MAM and BMN.

Course on line. No 2. Aesthetic Overweight Pain. MAM and BMN.

Aesthetics: Face neck hands scalp. Obesity, overweight, cellulite, addiction, pain. Mesotherapy Acupuncture Mesopuncture or MAM. With/without needles, the BMN. 
The BMN, essential device for Mesotherapy Acupuncture Mesopuncture.

Since 1988, we have been producing the BMN, marked CE, for
Joining ACUPUNCTURE / MESOPUNTURE and MESOTHERAPY, in a single insertion into the skin.
• BMN is an acupuncture and Mesopuncture needle, as fine as for acupuncture, crowned by a deformable reservoir, filled and emptied as a count drops, with two fingers, disposable. (Distilled water, physiological serum, vitamins, homeopathy, allopathy, phytotherapy, trace elements ...).
The needle. Length, 13mm. External diameter 0.3mm.
The reservoir. Length 10-12mm. Volume 14 / 100ml.
 Each therapist chooses the drug, to deposit with iontophoresis or to inject with BMN, after having examined his Patient.
BMN allows the injection of a drug into the AP, or Mesopuntura, already stimulated by the metal of the needle or Acupuncture, of the BMN device.

Each Therapist chooses the insertion length of the needle, whether for Mesotherapy or Acupuncture.

In the dermis or superficial hypodermis, outside the AP, the BMN is a Mesotherapy device, complete, practical.
In the dermis, hypodermis, connective tissue, BMN is an Acupuncture / Mesopuncture, disposable needle.
We propose, on this triple therapy or MAM, courses on the Internet with treatment options using or not a specific device, BMN.
*** We propose this triple therapy or MAM, in the form of Internet courses with treatment options with / without the BMN we produce.

Our courses, on-line
& FACIAL AESTHETICS of hands, neck and hairy leather.
& Aesthetics of the body: 1- OVERWEIGHT AND REGIME. 2- CELLULITIS.
& OBESITY and CELLULITE, very complete.
& ADICTION (Alcohol, Tobacco, Sweets.).

Structure of the course
** - * The APs to be treated are determined, according to the health or aesthetic alteration described in the course.
Schemes and legends help to choose and locate, on the skin, the active APs, location accessible to any Therapist, beginner or professional, in Acupuncture.
There are three classes of APs that need to be determined to conduct treatment in Acupuncture: APs of general, regional and local action.
If the location of the PAs does not pose a problem it is the implication of the APs, in the treatment, that implies the professionalism of the Therapist.
• The identification and location of APs of regional or general action are the result of a thorough knowledge of acupuncture. In these APs are inserted the usual acupuncture needles.
• APs of local action are much easier to employ by practitioners, including beginners, because they do not need extensive knowledge in acupuncture:
The APs of local action are located in the neighboring skin area or in front of the 'diseased' region of the body.
It is in this area that the MPs are created.

It is in the APs of local action that most BMNs are inserted, the BMN use  in this skin area is necessary and judicious.

Indeed, the APs already exist in this area and the MPs that can be created around these APs will be nearby or adjacent what allows to create the MPs, with the same needle of the BMN already inserted in the AP: indeed, without completely removing the needle from its insertion, the needle already inserted in the PA is directed, from the dermal portion of the pathway of the AP in the skin, to the dermis-hypodermis of all the around of the pathway of the AP, according to a star schema, to deposit into this layer of skin, micro-doses of the drug contained in the BMN reservoir, thus creating the PMs. It has therefore been done, with the BMN, in each Acupuncture Point_ AP, THE triple treatment Mesopuncture Acupuncture Mesotherapy_ MAM with a single and same insertion into the skin

In summary,
Treatment begins by questioning and examination of the patient followed by the treatment.
Acupuncture needles are inserted in all parts of the body except in the neighboring area or in front of the 'diseased' body zone.

• In the course, are described mainly the localized APs, in front or neighbors of the altered zone. Schemes and legends help to choose and locate, in the skin, the AP, location accessible to any Therapist, beginner or professional, in Acupuncture.
• At any point of the dermis in front of the altered area, separating this PA from the neighbor, the MPs are created by injection, with needle (classic Mesotherapy), some drops of drug in the thickness of the dermis or without injection by iontophoresis or Virtual Mesotherapy.

*-* Treatment options 
They are also two modes of application of the MAM:
 *- Non- invasive option:
It is performed:
Acupuncture by external stimulation: Massage, pulsed light, laser, heat, and more...
Mesotherapy and Mesopuncture by iontophoresis produced by the appliance of virtual Mesotherapy apparatus.

*- Minimally invasive option: BMN performs this triple treatment with the same and unique insertion in the skin of the same BMN.

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