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What is Mesopuncture? N°2

What is Mesopuncture? N°2

It is the liquid drug in Acupuncture point, with the BMN device or iontophoresis process. Mesopuncture detailed.

Advantages of combining Acupuncture and Mesopuncture
         First these two actions can be carried out during the same consultation with the same injection vector, the BMN.
         It seems moreover, that the most tangible benefit of using the medicine in Acupuncture is the possibility to act on the length of the ‘Acupuncture Effect’ like the titanium implants in Auriculoterapia or the catgut burial into the APs.
A drug in AP, injected or deposited, is a more practical way.

Certain drugs can lengthen stimulation duration of the AP in a tangible way.  Is it that the two actions of the drug can be separated on the one hand the 'Pharmacological Effect' and on the other hand the 'Acupuncture Effect ' and especially the duration of this effect?
o   Hyaluronic Acid is known to have an action of 'comfort' in aesthetics, without major adverse effect described on health but of lasting action, several months.
In the AP, the HA produces an Acupuncture Effect, of same duration as the 'Pharmacological Effect' but in this case, the possible improvement of aesthetic problems, would not be an obstacle to the use of HA to get a prolonged Acupuncture Effect during several Months.
It is a virtual separation between the 'Acupuncture Effect' and the 'Pharmacological Effect' both held by the physicochemical structure of the drug. 
o   Is it that all drugs are eligible?
 All drugs are eligible, including the drug without notable, as distilled water or saline, therapeutic activity...
o   How to optimize the double needle insertion pain, knowing that if it is acceptable for an AP, it becomes uncomfortable when it comes to several APs?
Saving the insertion of multiple needles at the same point and privileging the use of a single and same needle inserted in the same AP, are two solutions

 *-* Or choose the needleless acupuncture-Mesopuncture version: La Mesopuncture performed by Iontophoresis and Acupuncture by massage, heat waves etc.
*-* Either the BMN is used, it is the best solution: the BMN is a simple device, an acupuncture needle, 0.3 in diameter, hollow, topped by a reservoir running as a dropper, filled/emptied according to two fingers pressure on the reservoir. It does not prevent dorsal or ventral decubitus. The needle is inserted into the PA, it will remain twenty minutes after which, are injected few drops of the drug filling the reservoir not only in the AP but also, in the dermis around the AP to create Mesotherapy Points _ MPs.
The BMN with one and the same insertion of the same needle has allowed the realization of both versions of Chinese medicine and a new way of injecting drugs, Mesotherapy.   
o   Why BMN is an acupuncture needle, however?
Because to be an acupuncture needle, the needle must have a handle and precisely the reservoir is the handle necessary to properly perform acupuncture.
o   How is the consultation developed?
The BMN needle is inserted into the AP, the patient’s consultation is followed in any decubitus. 
At the end of the time needed to the stimulus of the needle, inserted in the AP, to be complete (20 minutes), a few drops of the contents of the reservoir are injected into the AP for the liquid stimulus or Mesopuncture.
 Knowing that MPs are created in all part of the dermis even around the AP, some drops of drug from the BMN reservoir are injected, around the AP, in the dermis according to a star shaped, to create multiple drug reservoirs which are the MPs: it has been able, in this way, to perform the Mesotherapy Acupuncture Mesopuncture set or MAM with a single insertion pain of a single needle, in the skin.

BMN helps to optimize multiple needle insertion pain.

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