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In Mesopuncture,How to optimize the double needle insertion pain

How to optimize the double needle insertion pain, in Mesopuncture
How to optimize the double needle insertion pain in Acupuncture- Mesopuncture knowing that if it is acceptable for a single AP, it becomes uncomfortable when several APs are targeted?

·         About Mesopuncture- Details
Mesopuncture is the deposit of some drops of a neutral or active drug, in the Acupuncture Point AP, either by injection or passive deposit or iontophoresis or virtual Mesotherapy.
It is a mode of treatment proposed by Chinese Medicine. It is, also, a western treatment by localized skin injections.
Its rebirth, after its oblivion in West, was initiated by the site:

It is a website of, at the same time
·                    Information on the AP stimulus by some drops of a liquid drug of the pharmacopoeia.
·                    Information about the BMN use, injection device made with a hypodermic needle of same diameter as the acupuncture needle, topped by a resilient polymer reservoir, without glue and piston.

Classical acupuncture brings in the treatment, of pain for example, an energy dimension by stimulation of the Acupuncture Points _APs selected.
·                    Stimulation of these APs, essential for the treatment, is performed
*- With the compact acupuncture needle or needleless: Laser, moxa, pulsed light, massage etc. Correction of the energy imbalance by Acupuncture alone, cause of the pain in Acupuncture, is of limited duration, 3-7 days.
*- With a liquid drug, Mesopuncture, injected or deposited with/without needle: It helps to restore the energetic balance, the drug further having a pharmacological action, on pain in this case.

Using an antalgic liquid drug, with slow elimination, allows extending the antalgic action of Acupuncture, by lengthening the stimulus duration of AP, regardless of its pharmacological action.
But antalgics of long-term elimination are not numerous and their action is limited to 2-3 weeks.
·         Apart from analgesic drugs with a duality of concordant actions, on pain for example, both pharmacological and energetic, it is possible to use liquid drugs with single energetic action and whose stimulating action on the AP is of much longer period without any own pharmacological action on pain.

Conduct of the consultation
·         In each AP it is necessary to insert a compact acupuncture needle.
·         After about twenty minutes, required to obtain the ‘Acupuncture Effect’, this compact needle is replaced by the hollow needle of a syringe. It allows injecting few drops of the liquid drug contained in the syringe, first into the AP to achieve Mesopuncture and secondly into the dermis around the AP to create Mesotherapy points.

To avoid inserting several needles (Acupuncture and hypodermic needles) into the same AP and privileging insertion of a single needle into the same AP or no needle at all, two solutions are possible:
·         Either the Therapist chooses the non-invasive version:
Mesopuncture performed by iontophoresis and Acupuncture by massaging, waves, heat…
·         In the version by needle, He chooses to use the BMN: The best solution, comfortable and practical, and why?

The BMN is a simple device, a hollow needle of 0.3 in diameter, surmounted by a deformable polymer reservoir, all functioning as a dropper.
The originally empty reservoir, used for gripping and inserting the needle, is filled by two fingers pressure.
Furthermore the BMN does not prevent the dorsal or ventral decubitus.

Why the BMN is an acupuncture needle notwithstanding?
Because, according to the FDA, to be an acupuncture needle, the needle must have a handle for grasping it when performing Acupuncture: The reservoir is the handle necessary to properly perform acupuncture with the BMN.
·         The needle is inserted into the PA to stay twenty minutes at the end of which are injected few drops of the drug filling the reservoir, not only in the AP, but also in the dermis around the AP to create the Mesotherapy Points_ MPs.
The BMN with a single insertion of the same needle has enabled the realization of two versions of Chinese medicine, Acupuncture and Mesopuncture and a new western method of drug delivery by local injection or Mesotherapy.

How is held the Acupuncture-Mesopuncture consultation?  
·         The BMN is inserted into the AP, the consultation continues, the dorsal or prone positions are possible. At the end of the allotted time (about 20 minutes), some drops of the reservoir contents are injected into the AP, this is Mesopuncture. According to a star shape, into the dermis, all around the AP, some drops of liquid drug from the same origin are injected to create the MPs.
It could thus be achieved the set Mesotherapy Acupuncture Mesopuncture or MAM with a single insertion pain of a single needle in the skin.  

The BMN thus allows optimizing the pain due to the insertion of multiple needles.