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In cosmetics, aesthetics, daily medicine, N°1, the treatment ignores the Acupuncture

In cosmetics, aesthetics, daily medicine, N°1, the treatment ignores the Acupuncture Point: Advantages of the Professional stimulus.  

Treatments and care in aesthetics or daily medicine (Mesotherapy massage ' ointment' ' laser botox, hyaluronic acid etc.) involuntarily ignore the presence of Acupuncture Points_ APs, on which the same treatment or care programmed in advance and applied more rigorously, allows adding the therapeutic virtues of Acupuncture to the chosen treatment.
To help diminish with non-invasive methods certain health, aesthetic or body shape disorders, it is useful to gather several therapeutic modes such as the association of two versions of Chinese medicine (Acupuncture and Mesopuncture) and a mode of western drug administration (Mesotherapy) whose value depends on the efficacy of the drug chosen and used by the Therapist.

This article is an overview of the set MAM or Mesotherapy Acupuncture Mesopuncture
This set was born, because
·                    In the skin, the reference Point, with systematized location and recognized by the world community, is the Acupuncture Point or AP, necessary to perform Acupuncture and Mesopuntura, around which Mesotherapy Points_ MPs are created.
·                    There is a tangle between the Acupuncture Points APs already located and the Mesotherapy Points MPs that can be created in the dermis of the whole area between two neighboring APs and so neighbors that they can be adjacent.
·                    It is an easy opportunity to add the benefit of each therapeutic mode. 
It is the possibility of using the same device, same liquid drug, same inserted needle, for performing Mesopuncture/acupuncture on the one hand, and Mesotherapy on the other hand.

Some data on the components of the MAM
n    Acupuncture
The Acupuncture Point _ AP is common to Acupuncture and Mesopuncture. Its domain is not according to Pr. LANGEVIN, limited to a point, at the surface of the skin, it is a path systematized from the epidermis, by a skin spot 5mm diameter to the subcutaneous connective tissue.

·                    Indeed, according to two authors:
The sensitivity of the skin, at the surface of the AP, though being deep, makes part of the AP.
In histology the AP is described, as a well beginning in the epidermis and ending in the connective tissue. It is so, any stimulation with needles/without needles, starting at the skin covering the AP is AP stimulus.
In the current conception of Acupuncture the connective tissue is involved.

The AP is stimulated
·                    Externally, applied at the skin surface where the AP is located: Moxas, laser, wave, pulsed light, massage, heat,
·                    Internally, applied into the skin thickness, by minimally invasive method, with compact needles inserted into various levels of depth.  A metallic stimulation or Acupuncture is performed.
·                     The liquid drug performs a liquid stimulus of the AP or Mesopuncture, in addition to its therapeutic action.

n    Mesopuncture
Mesopuncture, initiated by the Chinese medicine since the last century end, is the AP, of systematized topography, stimulus by a liquid drug neutral or with therapeutic activity, to ' enhance’, the classical metallic AP stimulation. 
It was done with a syringe and a hollow needle inserted into the AP already stimulated by the classical and compact acupuncture needle. 
To avoid the discomfort of two successive needle insertions, were left, in situ, in the several APs, syringe and needle or only needles injection: It was uncomfortable and prevented the dorsal decubitus.

Professionals without authorization to insert needles were excluded.

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