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Micro-invasive or topical analgesia, N°2, by Mesopuncture, Acupuncture

Micro-invasive or topical analgesia, N°2, by Mesopuncture, Acupuncture
Second PART

Choice of a liquid drug:
In analgesic micro-invasive or topical Mesopuncture, the liquid drug used, is selected
·         Either on its pharmacological effect painkiller synergistic of Acupuncture Effect painkiller, created by stimulus of the AP by this liquid drug.
·         Or on duration of its pharmacological effect, particularly if it is not synergistic of the therapeutic properties, the Acupuncture Effect, the Chinese medicine has attributed to this AP, for example using the hyaluronic acid for an Acupuncture Effect of long duration.

Administration mode
·         By external way and topical way, without needles by the iontophoresis apparatus.  
·         By internal micro-invasive way with a short needle, around 13 mm, as thin as the acupuncture needle but hollow and surmounted by a deformable polymer reservoir of half a centimeter wide and a centimeter long, without piston.
Mesopuncture with the needle inserted into the AP, avoids the skin barrier and allows injection of the useful and accurate volume of liquid drug including large molecules.
In Mesopuncture, the stimulus is a liquid analgesic who reached the AP painkiller.

o   The fluid stimulus in Topical Mesopuncture.
The liquid drug is applied topically over the PA: Few drops of a liquid drug are deposited at its skin surface, reaching the connective tissue and the AP, without injection, by iontophoresis.
The liquid drug keeps its pharmacological properties of painkilling and, perhaps by its volume or physicochemical structure, it stimulates the AP painkiller, he had reached… It is the topical Mesopuncture.
 As we have written it, we include in the topical version, the AP stimulus by external way: Massage, Moxas etc..

o   The fluid stimulus in Micro-invasive Mesopuncture.
This administration mode uses micro-injections carried out by hypodermic needle, being at the same time hollow acupuncture needle, for injection into the AP of few drops of a liquid drug, resulting in an Acupuncture Effect by liquid drug stimulus, injected into the AP...
o   Liquid drug stimulus, its Acupuncture Effect duration
Mesopuncture is an Acupuncture version using a liquid drug, at origin of the Acupuncture Effect, often endowed with preserved pharmacological properties, at origin of the Pharmacological Effect of the stimulus.  
Duration of the Acupuncture effect of the liquid drug used to stimulate the AP is dependent, while being uneven, of the stimulus duration created by its injection in this AP.
The stimulus duration itself depends on the physicochemical structure of the liquid drug. 
Duration of pharmacological action of the liquid drug accurately described in the pharmacopoeia for each liquid drug depends on this physicochemical structure, also: Duration of the pharmacological action of the liquid drug lasts the duration of stimulation of the AP by this liquid drug.

 We recall that, for Western medicine, the liquid drug deposited in the AP Mesopuncture is a mode of local administration of drugs, keeping its pharmacological properties having a specific metabolic route as a drug administered locally. All details are described in the full article…

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