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Micro-invasive or topical analgesia, N°1, by Mesopuncture, Acupuncture

Micro-invasive or topical analgesia, N°1, by Mesopuncture, Acupuncture  

For topical analgesics, crossing the skin barrier by the various molecules of painkillers of the pharmacopoeia as well as imprecision of the available and effective analgesic volume after crossing this barrier, limit their expansion as topical analgesics.
  • Topical and micro-invasive versions of Acupuncture and Mesopuncture are another option for common pain treatment.
In Acupuncture, energy balance, the yin-yang balance, sign of good health, is broken with any affection, like common pain. To restore this balance and help the pain sedation, it is necessary to activate specific skin points, the Acupuncture Points _ APs. This activation (stimulation) creates the Acupuncture Effect and helps the pain relief by rebalancing the body's energy.

Acupuncture, anatomically and functionally involves the connective tissue. 
Pr. LANGEVIN, described the AP as a path of preferred, direct and reliable access to the large volume of connective tissue that represents the AP. 
Pr. SENELAR described the AP as a wells beginning in the connective tissue and open to the surface of the skin.

To create the analgesic ‘Acupuncture effect’, it is necessary to
*- Locate the Acupuncture Points _ APs, defined by Chinese medicine as being ‘painkiller’ (pain relief) for a given pathology.
*- The APs, once located, are activated -or stimulated- to create the Acupuncture Effect pain-relief (painkiller…)
·         Usually,
In classical Acupuncture, the stimulus is performed
By internal way: The compact metal acupuncture needle, 0.3mm diameter.
By external way: Massages, laser, pulsed light, color, quartz, Moxas etc. 
Duration of the Acupuncture Effect created by the AP stimulus.
Duration of the Acupuncture Effect, while being partially dependent on the stimulus duration is, however, of uneven value:
Acupuncture Effect of pain-relief obtained by stimulation of short duration, about twenty minutes long of the APs dedicated, by a metal needle is 2-3 days long, this ‘Acupuncture Effect’ increases progressively while the sessions are repeated and condition relieved.     

The AP stimulus in topical and micro-invasive version of Acupuncture Mesopuncture
·        Since the last century, Chinese medicine proposes to use others stimuli in addition to compact classic metal needle: Burial catgut in the AP, ear implant and liquid drug of the pharmacopoeia including painkillers for their both painkilling action and possibly the long duration of their action, such as, hyaluronic acid. We used it for the very long stimulus duration of APs painkillers, for Patients intolerant or addicted to painkillers.

For Mesopuncture Acupuncture, we have:
o   Stimulus by external way: In the topical version, activation of the
'painkiller' AP is realized by external way: massage, waves, heat...
o   Stimulus by single acupuncture needle, in the micro-invasive version: We
could use the acupuncture needle whose diameter is less than conventional hypodermic needle and a lot less painful: For example, in the treatment of trigger points, the acupuncture needle is selected in place of injection needles, more painful.

But the most useful stimulus is a fluid stimulus of the AP or Mesopuncture, proposed since the end of the century.
o   This liquid drug is selected by the Therapist in the pharmacopoeia:
o   The fluid stimulus of the APs in our publication is a liquid drug chosen for its analgesic action, it's a painkiller.
o   The liquid drug, keeping its pharmacological properties, mainly analgesic,
is deposited directly by needle or indirectly by iontophoresis into the connective tissue composing the AP, the connective tissue, is considered as being at origin of the therapeutic properties attributed to Acupuncture in general and APs particularly. 

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