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liquid drugs and devices used for Mesopuncture- Acupuncture

liquid drugs and devices used for Mesopuncture- Acupuncture
The Acupuncture Point fluid stimulus or Mesopuncture, generally accompanies the needle stimulus of the Acupuncture point or classic Acupuncture.
The Mesopuncture or liquid stimulus of the Acupuncture Point _ AP, usually accompanies Acupuncture or stimulus by classic compact acupuncture needle.
*-* All liquid drugs selected for use in Mesopuncture, are APs stimuli. This fluid stimulus causes the Acupuncture Effect, in Mesopuncture. 
*-* The vast majority of these selected liquid drugs also has pharmacological properties associated producing in Mesopuncture the 'Pharmacological effect'...
According to the health or aesthetics disturbance, presented by the Patient, the active liquid drug, selected in the western pharmacopoeia, is injected into the AP, taking into account of both: The pharmacological effects and their duration described in the pharmacopeia (preserved when they are used in Mesopuncture) and the own property of the selected liquid drug to stimulate the AP producing the ‘Acupuncture effect’ by fluid stimulus.
This association, 'Pharmacological Effect' and ' Acupuncture Effect ', of the liquid drug is the fundamental property of liquid drugs, administered intravenously or intramuscularly and classified, for the most part, in daily-use drugs for conventional medical treatment, of localized or generalized health disturbances, in the Western pharmacopoeia.
In Mesopuncture, we apply the same medical indications, the same daily dose of medication used in conventional medicine. 

Notes: Liquid drugs with pharmacological effect are eligible for Mesotherapy.
In the Western Pharmacopoeia, you will find all the detailed information, easily accessible for each liquid drug: Elimination rate, bioavailability, duration of action, etc. and mode of administration.

·         Drugs used
Allopathy, trace elements, phytotherapy, homeopathy, vitamins, anti-aging, salt solution, distilled water, Botox, hyaluronic acid
We find, in the western pharmacopeia, all information detailed and easily accessible for each liquid drug: Elimination rate, bioavailability, duration of action etc. and administration mode.
·         Two administration modes
Liquid drugs of the pharmacopeia are proposed according to two administration modes, intravenous or/and intramuscular.
• Liquid drug administered intravenously with an aqueous excipient: However, it is possible to inject this liquid drug, intramuscularly.
• Liquid drug administered intramuscularly with a denser or oily excipient that forbidden injection into a capillary, into the bloodstream.

·         Our preference, in Mesopuncture, for injection or passive deposit of liquid drug into the APs, is to employ, liquid drugs used habitually, for intravenous injection and more rarely for intramuscular injection.
Moreover, it is necessary to ensure oneself that the liquid drug injection is carried out outside of a blood capillary.
Additional Precaution
That is why, as an additional precaution, whenever this is possible we take the following specific precaution according to the injection device selected:
With syringe, it is necessary, to initiate the Mesopuncture session by aspiring before injection, through the needle already inserted in the AP, for confirming thereby, absence of migrated blood in the syringe body and for maintaining the certainty that the liquid drug is not injected into a blood vessel but into the connective tissue, where the acupuncture point is localized...
With the BMN, the polymer translucency of the resilient mini-reservoir, surmounting the needle inserted in the AP, detects the presence of blood, at the very moment when the needle is inserted into a blood capillary.
In Mesopuncture the useful daily total dose is divided into micro-doses injected locally by needle into the APs or deposited by iontophoresis, at the skin surface above the APs.  
It is common to find that the acupuncture effect due to the PA stimulus by the liquid drug, often exceeds the efficiency duration of the liquid drug specified in the pharmacopoeia.
• Nothing easier than to create, in the dermis around APs, many deposits of the same drug with the same (or without) needle: Will, thus, be created Mesotherapy Points _ MPs. 

The therapist will have thus realized the MAM or Mesopuncture Acupuncture Mesotherapy, during the same medical consultation, with the same device if he uses the BMN and the same liquid drug.

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