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BMN & Mesotherapy Acupuncture Mesopuncture & Wet-Dry Needling

BMN & Mesotherapy Acupuncture Mesopuncture & Wet-Dry Needling

The BMN is a hollow acupuncture needle topped with a resilient polymer reservoir, empty and filled by the Therapist using it as a dropper. The presence of the reservoir used as a handle allows the BMN, hypodermic needle, to be part of the acupuncture #needles, according to the FDA. It is the only needle used, at the same time, as hypodermic and acupuncture needle.(#acupunctureneedle).
The needle: 13mm length. External diameter, 0.3mm.
The reservoir: Length 10-12mm. 14/100ml volume.

The Trigger Point_ TP  is an irritable spot either spontaneously (active TP) or on digital compression (Latent TP) able to generate either local or referred pain to other musculature, motor dysfunction and even autonomic phenomenon such as sweating, swelling, and "goose bumps."
These TPs may become activated by a variety of factors such as, poor posture, overuse, or muscle imbalance.
TPs exhibit a local twitch response (muscle fasciculation) or jump sign (flexion response) in response to digital pressure or to Dry & Wet Needling.
The BMN is the only device for treating the trigger point responsible for most chronic musculoskeletal pain: The BMN allows with a single needle insertion to perform both Wet and Dry needling.
Thus, is appeased the contestation of Professionals in Acupuncture protesting against using compact acupuncture needles without qualification to practice acupuncture, instead of using hypodermic needles as originally proposed; Therefore, the BMN, needle both acupuncture and hypodermic is an indication of choice.

the Acupuncture Point stimulation

         It seems to be accepted, currently, that the network of APs and meridians may be viewed as a representation of the network formed by the interstitial connective tissue with meridians as cleavage plans and APs as amounts of connective tissue (LANGEVIN).
It is also, in the connective tissue that, are located collagen and elastin fibers, involved in aesthetic and Western cosmetic treatments.
This is why acupuncture has a leading role in aesthetics and why BMN is an adequate vector.
To be effective, it is necessary to stimulate the AP whose location is known and systematized, on the skin surface for millennia and, now, interpreted as an easy access to significant volume of connective tissue.

Activation of the Acupuncture Point is performed by:
**-* the needle inserted and remaining few minutes in the AP: Acupuncture.
**-* few drops of the liquid drug, from the reservoir, injected into the AP or deposited on the skin surface of the PA and crossing the skin by iontophoresis: Mesopuncture.
 The BMN, being both acupuncture and #hypodermic needle allows, in the same therapeutic procedure, to achieve with the same needle insertion, the liquid and metal stimulation. It allows, moreover, creating Mesotherapy Points_ MPs, all around the AP.
Several liquid medications may be used: Distilled water, saline, vitamins, homeopathy, allopathy, phytotherapy, trace elements and more: Hyaluronic acid, various injectable drugs.
& After injection of few drops of liquid drug from the BMN reservoir into the AP, it is possible, with the same BMN inserted into the AP, without removing it completely but pivoting it, into the dermis all around the AP, to create micro-reservoirs of few drops of the liquid drug injected which are Mesotherapy Points_ MPs.
MPs can also be created by #iontophoresis, without needle.
MPs can be created in any part of the dermis but all around the AP location.
The BMN allows performing Mesopuncture Acupuncture Mesotherapy with the same needle insertion, the same BMN and same liquid drug filling the reservoir.

&& The liquid drug is active through its physicochemical structure which stimulates the AP (Acupuncture effect) while keeping its therapeutic properties (pharmacologic effect), recognized by the western pharmacopoeia.
Pharmacologic and acupuncture effect (or acupuncture point activation) are of identical duration and both dependent on the physicochemical structure of the liquid drug.

&&& In general, the liquid drugs have acupuncture effect duration greater or equal to the acupuncture effect of conventional metallic acupuncture needle.

Other liquid drugs have acupuncture effect of long or very long lasting with a 'pharmacological effect' of the same duration:
It is interesting, to have at our disposal, currently, these drugs of very long duration of action such as hyaluronic acid, which allows to obtain 'acupuncture effect' of very long duration, 'the pharmacological effect' is of same duration but without having any harmful effect on the Patient health, the hyaluronic acid being known as a drug of comfort.
This liquid drug of long action duration (e.g. #hyaluronic acid) with, as a result, long duration of the pharmacologic effect and long duration of the acupuncture effect, allows spacing the acupuncture sessions.

&&&&  In addition, the liquid drug locally injected, keeping its therapeutic properties, has a specific becoming: It acts, at first, directly on the skin area selected for the treatment and, at a second time, after passing through the blood to reach the liver, for conjugation, it acts, again, on the targeted zone. 

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