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Mesopuncture: Administration mode of the liquid drug

Mesopuncture: Administration mode of the liquid drug 

Mesopuncture: administration mode into the acupuncture point with or without needles, of the liquid drug chosen by the therapist
For Acupuncture, disease is the result of imbalance of the body’s energy; Acupuncture helps to restore the balance of the body’s energy by inserting compact acupuncture needles into selected Acupuncture Points _ APs.
Since some time, to this needle stimulus is added the fluid stimulus or Mesopuncture by injection or passive deposit in the AP of few drops of a liquid drug
The selected drug must be injected/ deposited in the AP to stimulate the therapeutic properties from energetic origin of this PA in addition to its own pharmacological properties.
Two ways are described to allow the liquid drug to reach the AP:
Some drops of the liquid drug selected, by the Therapist, in the pharmacopoeia, are injected/deposited in the well identified APs.
·                    By internal way: The liquid drug is injected into the AP by hypodermic needle which not regarded as acupuncture needle: To perform Acupuncture first, then Mesopuncture two successive needles are needed with double pain due to two needles insertion: Pain of compact acupuncture needle first, then of hypodermic needle for Mesopuncture.
In effect, according to the FDA, the hypodermic needle can be classified as acupuncture needle, if it has handle allowing the Therapist, to grasp and wield easily the needle, for performing the acupuncture session. The BMN, hypodermic acupuncture needle with, surmounting it, resilient polymer mini-reservoir used to manipulate the needle and perform the acupuncture session, meets these criteria.

·                    By external way: The liquid drug, deposited at the skin surface, crosses it by iontophoresis and reaches the AP.                                                                        

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