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Mesopuncture: Dual origin stimulus

Mesopuncture: Dual origin stimulus
In general, in Mesopuncture a dual-origin stimulus activates the AP:
Insertion, in the anti-pain Acupuncture Points APs, of a very fine, hollow needle of the same diameter as the acupuncture needle of 0.3 mm in diameter, qualified acupuncture needle by the FDA because crowned by a handle for its use and insertion, also serving as deformable reservoir to a volume of 0.15cc of drug that the therapist has aspired at the beginning of the consultation. The few drops of liquid drug constituting the AP fluid stimulus come from this drug reservoir.
Insertion and manipulation of the acupuncture needle, in this large mass of connective tissue composing the AP, stimulates the AP and creates the Anti-Pain Acupuncture Effect, due to the needle stimulus of an anti-pain AP.
Injection with the needle of the same device, of few drops of liquid drug from its reservoir surmounting the hollow needle, in the APs:
By its volume or physicochemical structure, the liquid drug stimulates the anti-pain AP and creates the anti-pain Acupuncture Effect by liquid stimulus, while keeping its pharmacological properties or Pharmacological Effect.

The injected liquid drug is selected
·         Either for its own anti-pain Pharmacological Effect synergistic of the Anti-Pain Acupuncture Effect, created by stimulating the AP by this liquid drug.
·         Whether for the long duration of its anti-pain AP stimulus without any anti-pain property, hyaluronic acid, for example.
**-* The Mesopuncture in its topical version does not use needles, it is developed as follows:
·         Acupuncture
The stimulus is produced externally:
External stimulation of the AP without needle, creating an Acupuncture Effect: Moxa, laser, microwave, pulsed light, massage, magnets, colors, quartz etc ...
·         Mesopuncture
The liquid drug in PA reaches the AP without needles.
A few drops of the liquid drug chosen by the therapist, are distributed on the skin covering the AP and on which the iontophoresis apparatus is applied, allowing the liquid drug, to cross the skin barrier and reach its final destination, the connective tissue and the AP: Liquid medicine, in the AP, becomes its fluid stimulus and creates the Acupuncture Effect by fluid stimulus specific of the stimulated AP.   
The liquid drug keeps its pharmacological Properties General and local, it is the pharmacological effect.
·         It is also an opportunity for the Patient himself to be able to renew the application of the liquid drug with the approval of his doctor if he owns an iontophoresis apparatus.
·         Mesopuncture in its micro invasive version
In its micro-invasive version, the device used is BMN including a needle of 0.3 mm in diameter equal to the diameter of the acupuncture needle, hollow, crowned by a deformable polymer reservoir of 0.15 cc of volume cc of volume, filled by the therapist before the consultation and used by the therapist as a handle for its use that is why it is classified with the Acupuncture needles according to the FDA.

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