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Why is it so easy to associate Mesotherapy and Acupuncture and Mesopuncture...

Why is it so easy to associate Mesotherapy and Acupuncture and Mesopuncture in the same therapeutic act? For helping to improve, more efficiently, various conditions, health or aesthetic disorders (body shape disturbances Pain, cellulite, overweight…), association of several minimally invasive therapies, Mesotherapy on one side and two versions of the Chinese medicine, Acupuncture on one side and Mesopuncture another side, seems judicious.

         If it is theoretically easy to individualize Mesotherapy and Acupuncture/Mesopuncture, in practice the tangle of their fundamentals, makes problematic their distinction and facilitates, greatly, their association, widely beneficial for the Patient, in a set, MAM or Mesotherapy Acupuncture Mesopuncture, often performed, according to a common process (the same BMN, the same iontophoresis device without needles).

Mesotherapy Acupuncture.
  Some classical data  

     Mesotherapy is a new occidental way of drug administration of liquid drugs, from the pharmacopoeia, with therapeutic effect, for example, on the aesthetic problems or health disorders. Multiple deposits of few drops of this liquid drug or Mesotherapy Points_ MPs, are created into the dermis or superficial hypodermis with a hollow needle ( The BMN for example) or by iontophoresis (Virtual Mesotherapy).  
 The AP_ Acupuncture Point, which systematized localization known for thousands of years, is histologically described as a path starting in the subcutaneous tissue and ending in the epidermis. It is activated (stimulated), in general, by a compact needle into the thickness of the skin, in any part of its path.

New data have blurred the differences between APs and MPs.
      Chinese medicine has initiated, thirty years ago, injection of a liquid drug, Mesopuncture, into the AP to potentiate or to be added to the conventional metal stimulation of the AP, by a fluid stimulus.
But local injection into the skin, of some drops of a liquid drug, was the fundamental element of Mesotherapy.
·                     Mesotherapy, in its version 'dry', recommends insertions of Mesotherapy needles into the skin without injection which is the basic principle of Acupuncture.
 These versions of treatment as for example, liquid drug injection into selected points of the skin (for Acupuncture) or dry-needle insertion (for Mesotherapy) enrich the selected method of treatment but coupled with the random location of the MPs, make, often, difficult to identify, during a local depot of liquid drug into the skin, if the action taken is Mesopuncture or Mesotherapy.

Other data about Mesotherapy Points (MPs), Acupuncture Points (APs).
·                         If the main APs are known, other points are less well known: Points off meridians, ASCHI points of ephemeral and random location, in front of the affected area, whose only property is to be painful to pressure, Trigger Points (?).  
         In the version 'nappage' of Mesotherapy, the MPs are created, adjacent to each other on an entire and large skin surface, almost 'intra epidermal’, and spread, continuously, over this skin surface, where it is obvious that are located APs.
It therefore becomes difficult or not possible, in this version ‘nappage’ of Mesotherapy, to differentiate Mesopuncture from Mesotherapy for example, if the patient is a skinny or thin persona, it seems likely that some MPs are, in reality, deposits in the dermal portion of the AP.
Indeed, MPs recently appeared in our occidental medicine, are randomly created, without histological structure, into the dermis or superficial hypodermis facing the altered body part, but in this same dermis and hypodermis area, are already located systematized APs, recognized for centuries, described as a well beginning in the subcutaneous tissue and ending at the epidermis.
The most logical way, exploiting the proximity of APs and MPs and the ease to involve them in the local treatment was to group together, Mesotherapy Acupuncture Mesopuncture, in a set, the MAM of significant efficacy for the patient.
         From the practical point of view, through minimally invasive way using the BMN and non-invasive way using the iontophoresis apparatus, it is necessary, firstly, to locate the AP then to create Mesotherapy points around the path of the AP until the closest AP.
  The MAM is carried out,
* - In its version non – invasive, by:
--- external stimuli of the AP (massage, laser, pulsed light, etc.) for Acupuncture and
---iontophoresis on the AP and surrounding dermis for performing Mesopuncture and Mesotherapy.
* - In its version minimally invasive, by:
-- a specific and disposable device, the BMN, performing this triple therapy, once its needle is inserted into the skin.
The dorsal or ventral decubitus are possible.

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