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The liquid drug in Mesopuncture, N°1:‘Acupuncture Effect’.

The liquid drug in Mesopuncture, N°1:‘Acupuncture Effect’.
Mesopuncture or Acupuncture Point_ AP fluid stimulus was started by Chinese medicine, at the end of the past century
Since recent decades, in case of acute, chronic or persistent and rebellious pain, Chinese medicine has proposed and initiated, a liquid drug, injected/deposited into the selected APs or Mesopuncture already stimulated by acupuncture needles or Classical Acupuncture producing an Acupuncture Effect by needle.

The ‘Acupuncture Effect’ in Mesopuncture
Injected or deposited in the AP, the liquid drug, stimulates the therapeutic properties attributed to this AP, by Chinese medicine, through its action on the human body energy:
·         This ‘Acupuncture Effect’ by fluid stimulus like the acupuncture needle stimulus, in the human body causes in Acupuncture, a therapeutic effect thanks to rebalancing the altered energy, it is the Acupuncture Effect of variable duration depending on the stimulus duration and covering, in the human body, an area local, regional and more rarely, general.
·         This Acupuncture Effect is the therapeutic and energetic action, resulting of the AP stimulus either by needle or by liquid drug. This therapeutic effect, this energetic effect, described by the Chinese medicine since millennia, by which Acupuncture treats the health disorders, is the Acupuncture Effect produced in this case, by a fluid stimulus.
·         This 'Acupuncture Effect ' of fluid origin is used to add or enhance by a liquid stimulus the classic metal stimulation or classical acupuncture; it is superimposed to the ‘Acupuncture Effect’ created by acupuncture needle including the needle used to inject the liquid drug or by external stimulus applied at the skin surface.

The Acupuncture Point_ AP
·         This liquid drug creates by fluid stimulus the ‘Acupuncture Effect’, specific of the AP stimulated whatever the stimulus. It should be remembered that the 'Acupuncture Effect' obtained by the AP stimulus is independent of the stimulus (liquid or metal or another), but dependent from the AP selected, from the therapeutic properties attributed to this AP, by Chinese medicine, in the treatment of the energy imbalance, origin of all diseases in Acupuncture.

'Acupuncture Effect', fundamental property of all liquid drugs selected for Mesopuncture, could be perhaps, due to the:
-* Physicochemical structure of the liquid drug used or more precisely, due to
-*Mechanical action produced into the AP by the volume of liquid drug injected or deposited, for example, by distension or irritation of connective tissue composing the AP.

The liquid drugs
·         All liquid drugs of the Pharmacopoeia, selected by the Therapist for use in Mesopuncture, with/without known pharmacological effect are stimuli of the APs either when they are directly injected into the AP located in the connective tissue or deposited at the skin surface on the level of the AP and reaching the AP already located.
In the latter case, the liquid drug crosses the skin by iontophoresis to reach the connective tissue where APs are located (knowing that the path from the epidermis to the connective tissue belongs to the AP, also). 
·         Stimulus duration of the AP depends on the liquid drug and particularly on its physicochemical structure.

In this group of AP stimulus with/without needles, it may be mentioned other therapeutic techniques used in Acupuncture and active, it seems, by physical action: Catgut burial in APs, titanium implants or permanent needle for Auriculotherapy; Distilled water injection in Auricular points.

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