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Side effect of Mesotherapy or how to ensure that it is not Mesopuncture

    Side effect of Mesotherapy or how to ensure that it is not Mesopuncture.
Collateral but beneficial effect of Mesotherapy... or is difficult to confirm that the liquid drug was not deposited/injected into an Acupuncture Point_AP.

Mesotherapy is defined by Mesotherapy Points _ MPs, which are micro-reservoirs, without any histological or anatomical structure of a liquid drug, active on the condition in treatment, injected on the superficial hypodermis/dermis or  deposited at the epidermis, of random location but facing the altered region of the body.
The points of Mesoterapia_ PMs, are created not preexist, therapist, on the entire surface of the skin covering the altered region of the body. Mesotherapy Points MPs are created not pre-exist, by the therapist, on the entire skin surface covering the altered body region.
In the COATING (nappage) version of a given skin área, no free skin space is found without PMs: PMs cover the entire skin surface of the given area. But whatever the way the MPs are created, on the same skin surface, are located, Acupuncture Points_ APs, systematized of local action.
In fact, in the same skin area, we can find three types of Acupuncture Points _ APs, of systematized location described for millennia: APs of local, regional or general action.
Only APs of local action, can be stimulated, simply, without having to resort to the foundations of Chinese medicine.
In this way, it will be easier to attribute to Mesotherapy the eventual improvement of the health/aesthetic disorder, noticed in the patient, if the PAs have not been requested: The side effect, beneficial for the patient, of Mesotherapy, to not being able or not knowing how to locate the APs, is to add to his own pharmacological treatment of Mesotherapy, an energy dimension due to the activation of APs by the liquid drug injected/deposited involuntarily into the PAs, of local action.
 The Mesopuncture
the introduction of a drug into the AP acts at the same time, as in Mesotherapy, by its pharmacological effect, and, unlike Mesotherapy, by its stimulating effect of the PA or Acupuncture Effect, two effects due to its physicochemical structure; Moreover, this acupuncture effect of the drug will last so long that the pharmacological effect of the drug described in the pharmacopoeia lasts. This acupuncture effect is added to the preserved own pharmacological effect of the drug.66
For the western Pharmacopoeia, injecting a liquid drug into a cutaneous point is equivalent to a local liquid drug administration of with a particular metabolism.
To give the patient the possibility during the same treatment session to take advantage of both a current treatment of Mesotherapy, and a much older treatment of Acupuncture, it is necessary to provide to the therapists on the one hand reliable documentation and on the other hand a specific vector for this treatment
Training, online, allows recognizing
·       On the one hand, the location in the skin of the APs in order to use the skin space between two APs for creation of Mesotherapy Points _MPs
·        On the other hand, the treatment the PMs either only or
in addition to this PMs treatment, the APs treatment  to which can be applied Acupuncture and Mesopuncture, without impeding prone or supine decubitus.

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