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Liquid Drugs in Mesopuncture, Liquid Drugs in Mesotherapy

Liquid Drugs, with / without pharmacological effect in Mesopuncture. Only with pharmacological effect in Mesotherapy


It is sometimes desirable to join
o   to the Acupuncture Point _AP stimulus by the metal acupuncture needle, (internal stimulus) or by massage, pulsed light waves (external stimulus) producing the Acupuncture Effect we qualify of metal needle or needle, for the convenience of this publication,
o    A stimulus by liquid drug (Mesopuncture), injected or passively deposited without needle into the AP  by iontophoresis and also producing an Acupuncture Effect by liquid stimulus of PA ..
o   It also makes sense to repeat this injection into the dermis, star shaped around the AP, in order to create Mesotherapy Points_ MPs-, possibly with the same device, the same or not liquid drug injected or deposited, without re-insertion of the needle into the AP with the same iontophoresis apparatus or the same BMN device....
**-* Liquid drugs
There are two categories of liquid drugs that can be used in the fluid stimulus of the AP.

o   The liquid drug without therapeutic or pharmacological action but with a mechanical action by irritation (by its volume, its physicochemical structure…), of the AP which generates an ‘Acupuncture effect’. It is used to boost or add by a fluid stimulus creating an Acupuncture Effect by liquid drug, the classic metal needle stimulation or Classical Acupuncture which produces an Acupuncture Effect by metallic stimulus of the AP. 
In this category of drugs, inactive in Mesotherapy, you will find: distilled water or serum, the duration of its effect is short.
For hyaluronic acid, the duration is several months.  
                   **-*Its use is inactive in Mesotherapy.

o   The liquid drug with Therapeutic Pharmacological Effect: This effect is added to the Acupuncture Effect of the liquid stimulation to complete the particularity of Mesopuncture.
In this latter case, the medical device which was used to inject the liquid drug into the AP can create into the dermis surrounding this AP, various Mesotherapy points, also.
Its use by the Therapist depends on his qualification to use, or not, injectable with/without a therapeutic effect

** The liquid drug with pharmacological therapeutic action, depending on its physicochemical structure, which is also an AP stimulus:
It produces a fluid stimulus of the AP or Acupuncture Effect superimposed on its own Pharmacological Effect and added to the classic Acupuncture Effect, already obtained both
·         by internal way, acupuncture needle or hypodermic needle, or
·         by external way: massage, pulsed light, etc.

**-* The medical device
The liquid drug is injected into the AP by needle or deposited into the AP without needle by iontophoresis.
The medical device used to allow the liquid drug with pharmacological effect to reach the AP is used to create into the dermis around the AP, Mesotherapy points as performed by BMN without removing the needle inserted into the PA. 
This set of acupuncture effect and pharmacological effect characterizes Mesopuncture.

** The liquid drug into the AP
The duration of AP activation, i.e., the duration of the Acupuncture Effect, is identical to the duration of the Pharmacological Effect recognized by the Pharmacopoeia, both dependent on the physicochemical structure of the liquid drug.
In general, the drugs have an Acupuncture Effect with duration equal to or greater than the Acupuncture Effect of the conventional metal acupuncture needle.
. Other drugs have an Acupuncture Effect of long duration or still very long with a "Pharmacological Effect" of the same duration.
It is interesting to have very long acting drugs such as hyaluronic acid, which allows to obtain an Acupuncture Effect of very long duration, the "Pharmacological Effect" of same duration not having any harmful impact on   the patient’s health, hyaluronic acid is a said drug comfort. With this medication, for example, of very long duration of pharmacological action, stimulation of the AP is also of very long lasting, allowing space acupuncture session.

**-* Liquid drug metabolism injected locally
Locally, injected the drug, which retains its therapeutic properties, has a specific development, common to all injections in Western medicine:

It acts, in first, directly on the altered area and, a second time, after passing in the blood, it reaches the liver where it is conjugated and returns to the altered area.

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