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Mesotherapy Acupuncture Mesopuncture (MAM) needleless: Abstract

Mesotherapy Acupuncture Mesopuncture (MAM) needleless: Abstract
Mesotherapy Acupuncture Mesopuncture Needleless MAM, a non-invasive set of three treatments proposed for various aesthetics or health disturbances.
Acupressure is a noninvasive version of Acupuncture treatment without needle insertion.
Mesopuncture and Mesotherapy are also performed, without needles, by another external stimulus, a liquid drug.
*- Acupuncture: To obtain the Acupuncture effect, in the treatment of a particular condition, the selected Acupuncture Point_ AP of systematized localization is stimulated by various external stimuli, without needles: Moxas, laser, waves, magnets, massage and more…   ..
*- Mesopuncture or Fluid stimulus of the same AP was initiated, thirty years ago by the Chinese medicine: To obtain the Mesopuncture effect, the APs must be stimulated by a liquid drug. There are two categories of liquid drugs that can be used for the fluid stimulus, liquid drug with or without pharmacological activity. There is a needleless version, performed, by an external way or Virtual Mesopuncture. 

*-Mesotherapy.  The Mesotherapy Point_ MP is created by few drops of a fluid drug, deposited, in any part of the skin on which will be applied the electrical apparatus for virtual Mesotherapy. The MPs are small reservoirs of liquid drug created in the dermis or hypodermis.

It should be noted that:
The AP is of systematized and known location for millennia.
The MP is of random location.

In the skin surface chosen for creation of the MPs, some APs are preexisting to MPs: MPs and APs are often adjacent or not far from each other, the same virtual Mesotherapy apparatus with the same liquid drug (or the same device with a needle), can reach them, both.
The most logical way, exploiting the proximity of APs and MPs and the ease to involve them in the initial and local treatment was to group them together, in a set, Mesotherapy Acupuncture Mesopuncture or MAM easily performed
·         with the BMN, acupuncture and hypodermic needle (FDA) also used in direct or/and Wet & Dry needling

Without needle with the iontophoresis device for Mesotherapy and Mesopuncture and external stimulus for the AP

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