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Acupuncture Mesopuncture with/without needle

Acupuncture Mesopuncture with needle or with the BMN and Acupuncture Mesopuncture without needles, virtual or with iontophoresis
Note: It is spoken of VIRTUAL Mesopuncture that is to say without using needles, inserted into the skin. One could also say NOT INVASIVE.
**-* The Acupuncture Point_ AP begins in the epidermis and ends in the subcutaneous connective tissue.
In fact, according to
SOULIE DE MORANT, the sensitivity of the skin, at the surface of the AP even if it is deep, is part of the AP.
Professor SENELAR of the Medicine Faculty of Montpellier-France, describes the AP, in histology, as an open well in the epidermis to be terminated in the subcutaneous tissue.
* The stimulus
This explains the possibility of stimulating the AP and obtaining the Acupuncture Effect externally, without using, as with the acupuncture needle, the internal pathway.  
In the same way, using a liquid drug as an AP stimulus, this liquid drug can be
Either injected with a needle it is the internal way of the liquid stimulus
Or some drops of this liquid drug can be deposited at the skin surface, on which will be applied the iontophoresis apparatus. 
The Therapist selects, depending on the health or aesthetic disorder, the APs for stimulation with/without needles; also he selects the appropriate drug for the case to be treated.
* There are two kinds of APs selected: AP already labeled and AP revealed by pain at pressure or ASCHI point.

** - * Current application
Courses on alterations of health or aesthetics are easily found on the net, on which Mesopuncture is applied without difficulty in its two versions without / with associated or not associated with acupuncture and Mesotherapy.
*-* An application running is found easily in the network, courses on alterations of health or of aesthetic on which is applied without difficulty the Mesopuncture in its two versions without/with needles associated or not, with Acupuncture and Mesotherapy.
Aesthetics:  Facial, hands, neck and hairy leather.
Pain, rheumatism, sports.
Body Aesthetics: Overweight, Cellulitis,
Nervous disorders of daily life
Addiction: Alcohol Tobacco Sweets…
We already know that
• The location of AP is fixed and known since millennia, on the skin surface,
Its activation can be performed by a liquid drug injected or deposited without needles by iontophoresis.

**-* Mesotherapy Points _ MPs are created in all part of the dermis, in the same way with a few drops of drug.  It is to avoid any confusion that APs are located, at first, in the courses, with diagrams and legends in order to determine thus, the entire skin surface, between the APs, where the Mesotherapy Points will be created.

**-* The treatment

*- Usually, Mesopuncture Acupuncture...
The AP is stimulated with a compact acupuncture needle inserted into the AP, and with a deposit of liquid drug injected into the AP by an injection needle.
. You can take advantage of this injection, to create with the same insertion of this same needle or with a shorter needle, specific of Mesotherapy, and a same drug throughout the whole dermis around the AP, by numerous deposits of few drops of drug creating thus, Mesotherapy Points _ MPs.
It is done so, Mesotherapy Acupuncture Mesopuncture or MAM with three needle insertions: A compact Acupuncture needle and a needle with syringe for Mesopuncture and a shorter needle for Mesotherapy.

**- A less invasive version is the use of BMN, a hollow acupuncture needle, surmounted by a deformable reservoir filled by the therapist, with two fingers, with the drug chosen as appropriate to treat.
The BMN needle is inserted into the AP, needle of same diameter as the acupuncture needle, including APs of the back: BMN does not prevent prone or supine decubitus. After a few moments, necessary to perform acupuncture, with the same needle insertion in the skin and the same drug, Mesopuncture can be, by injection of some drops of the drug from the reservoir, in the AP and Mesotherapy by deposits of few drops of drug, in the dermis around the AP. 
·                    With the same BMN, it has been able to perform, in a single insertion, the MAM: Mesotherapy Acupuncture Mesopuncture.
**- In the non-invasive version without needle
The AP is stimulated with external stimuli, through the skin: massage, light, heat, waves...  

**- To already well-known stimulants must be added,  stimulation by a liquid drug or Mesopuncture, deposited in the AP, without needles by iontophoresis:
The iontophoresis (or virtual Mesotherapy) apparatus allows, thanks to an electric current, a few drops, the drug liquid chosen, extended over the skin, crossing through the skin and reaching the deeper layers of the skin and connective tissue where is located the AP.
• When moving the virtual Mesotherapy device, around the AP (the AP is 5mm in diameter), the drug is allowed to reach the dermis around the AP and, thus, create the MPs.
The MAM or Mesotherapy Acupuncture Mesopuncture, without needles, has thus been performed.
This type of treatment is used by all types of Professionals invested in aesthetics, beauty, sports, etc.

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