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In cosmetics, aesthetics, daily medicine, N°2, the treatment ignores the AP_

 In cosmetics, aesthetics, daily medicine, N°2, the treatment ignores the AP_ Acupuncture Point.
Advantages of the professional stimulation.                                      
Publication in two parts: Part Two
Two new events were at origin of the rebirth of Mesopuncture, fallen into oblivion in the West, facilitating the realization of Mesopuncture Acupuncture:
·                    The BMN, disposable device that allows, once its needle inserted in the AP, performing, without any change, Acupuncture and Mesopuncture and also Mesotherapy around the AP.
·                    The emergence of Mesotherapy and the ease for performing Mesotherapy in the same therapeutic Act than Mesopuncture-acupuncture: Same insertion needle, same needle, same drug.
·                    The virtual Mesotherapy apparatus that allows the Therapist performing without needles by iontophoresis, Mesopuncture and Mesotherapy into and around the AP already stimulated for the acupuncture effect by a non-invasive method.

They are two kinds of drugs used in Mesopuncture,
·                    The drugs are chosen, in most cases, in the Western Pharmacopoeia, by the Therapist according to his therapeutic action on the condition he wish or want to treat: Allopathy, trace elements, herbal medicine, homeopathy, saline, vitamins, distilled water, vitamins, antiaging etc.
·                    The drug without therapeutic effect or minimal therapeutic effect: The drug has an intrinsic  action of stimulation of the AP producing the Acupuncture Effect, either by AP distension or mechanical action due to its volume or its physicochemical action on the AP anatomical structures.
·                    The drug with therapeutic action, producing the pharmacological effect, which is added to its acupuncture effect. The pharmacological effect,   effect recognized in the Western or Eastern pharmacopoeia, also depends on the physicochemical structure of the drug.

It is useful to remind us are two kinds of methods of stimulation

In Acupuncture
n    Either by non-invasive method, by external stimulation at the surface of the skin (massage, laser, pulsed light, etc.), the AP beginning in the epidermis and ending in the subcutaneous tissue.
n     Either by invasive method, by internal stimulation, in the thickness of the skin. A compact metal needle is inserted into the AP.
In Mesopuncture
Mesopuncture is characterized by various modes of stimulation. 
n    Noninvasive mode
The iontophoresis process which allows the liquid drug deposited on the skin covering the AP, crossing the skin to reach the AP. 
Minimally invasive method
By a specific and disposable device, the BMN, performing Mesopuncture, once is inserted the needle into the AP. The supine position is possible. 
Another way
An injection needle deposits at any level of the AP, micro-doses of a liquid drug.

Mesotherapy is another way to administer, by injection or passive deposit without needle, in any part of the dermis or superficial hypodermis around the AP, some drops of a liquid drug with therapeutic effect.

In practical terms
*** Professionals qualified to inject.
 The needle, classical acupuncture needle or the hypodermic acupuncture needle or BMN, is inserted into the AP, selected and identified through appropriate training.
The needle will remain, in situ, 20 minutes (Acupuncture effect).
With the same/another needle, is injected the drug, with or without pharmacological effect, into the AP (Mesopuncture).
Around the AP, in the dermis, the Mesotherapy Points_ MPs are created by micro-injections of a liquid drug into the dermis (Mesotherapy), it is necessary that the liquid drug has a pharmacological effect to be selected for Mesotherapy.
It exists in the market of disposable medical devices, a disposable device, the BMN, which performs the MAM, once its needle was inserted, only once, into the skin.

***Professionals not qualified to inject, using or not, Acupuncture needles. 

 The Mesopuncture effect is reached by iontophoresis provided by an electric apparatus applied in the epidermal part of the AP to allow the drug disposed on this PA, crossing the skin for reaching the dermal part of the AP.

By moving on the epidermis, the iontophoresis apparatus around the AP, the Mesotherapy Points_ MPs may be created.

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