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Confusion between the Acupuncture Points_ APs and Mesotherapy Points_ MPs

Confusion between the Acupuncture Points_ APs and Mesotherapy Points_ MPs
Note: The drug injected / deposited in any part of the dermis creates the MP, injected into the AP it creates Mesopuncture by liquid drug stimulus of the AP.
It is difficult when MPs are created into the skin of concluding that the drug has not been injected into the APs or Mesopuncture and that the result is only referred to the Mesotherapy without participation of the APs.
We already know that the PMs are of random location in the dermis or superficial hypodermis and without anatomical or histological structure.
Indeed, in the skin area, selected by the Therapist as close as possible of the altered region of the body to create MPs, preexist APs as in all other part of the skin.
They are PAs, of localized action, described as active, on the same health or aesthetic disturbance that the Therapist in Mesotherapy wishes to treat by multiple skin injections, of drug.
PAs et PMs are so close, one of the other, that often are adjacent and that, the same needle remaining inserted in the PA, can reach them, avoiding to the patient a double insertion pain, knowing that in addition in each acupuncture session, several APs are targeted, rarely a single AP.
·         Acupuncture considers that the health or aesthetic disturbance is due to an imbalance of the body’s energy.  To relieve or cure this aesthetic or health disturbance, it is necessary to recover the energy balance.
 The cure of the energy imbalance is made through the APs: Each AP occupies a precise and systematized skin location, with specific therapeutic properties to each AP.  Online Learning at various websites, for example in our internet space '', allows their use in daily practice.
For the therapeutic action of AP be effective and produces the Acupuncture effect it is necessary to stimulate the AP:
·         Or by inserting a metal needle remaining inserted about twenty minutes, without preventing the decubitus or continuation of the session.
·         Or, since the end of the last century, by injection / deposit of some drops of a drug chosen by its action on the disturbance of health or aesthetic. The drug acts in two ways:
on the one hand it produces an acupuncture effect by its volume or its physicochemical structure and
on the other hand keeping their therapeutic properties by its pharmacological effect.
It can be concluded:
We already know that the AP has a skin surface of 5 mm. It is described as a well going from the skin surface to the connective tissue, through the skin thickness. The APs are of known location since thousands of years.
In all the dermal area of the skin surrounding the AP to the neighboring AP, can be created the MPs of random location.
Knowing the skin location of APs, result of Internet learning, for example, it belongs to the Therapist to decide if he wants to include them in his Mesotherapy treatment, without great technical change in the Mesotherapy session: Same treatment by injection, same drug, and same skin area but with hypodermic needle instead of compact needle.
In fact and in theory, two needles are necessary: Compact acupuncture needle and hypodermic injection needle. For each AP is will be a double needle insertion pain.
 ----The solution is the hypodermic needle recognized as acupuncture needle.
According to the ' Food and Drug Administration' or FDA, to be used as acupuncture needle the hypodermic needle must have a handle for facilitating its use by the Therapist without preventing the decubitus ventral and dorsal of the Patient, also remaining ones twenty minutes inserted in the skin, without danger.
This disposable device, the BMN, exists, in accordance with these obligations: A needle of 0.30 mm in diameter, hollow at the same time hypodermic and acupuncture, according to the FDA, crowned by a reservoir in polymer resilient, without piston:
The BMN we produce is a needle as fine as the acupuncture needle, 0mm3 external diameter and 13mm long, surmounted by a reservoir of 12 mm long and half centimeter of width, without piston; the reservoir is filled out and emptied with two fingers.
In addition to allowing performing for the musculoskeletal pain, the trigger points treatment by wet and dry needling, the BMN, in its main role, inserted into the AP, allows, the Therapist in Mesotherapy, performing when the needle is inserted
--- into the AP, a dual stimulus, needle stimulus (acupuncture) and liquid drug stimulus (Mesopuncture), and
--- around the AP, the needle remaining inserted into the AP, the Therapist may create Mesotherapy points into the dermis around the AP through the dermal part of the AP
·         For the Therapist in Mesotherapy, in the skin area chosen to create the MPs, it is useful, of locating the APs, thanks to precise anatomical details. The MPs will be created in the dermis around the AP.
If the Therapist chooses to perform only Mesotherapy:
APs are located in first.
MPs can be, then, created in all part of the dermis around each AP even adjacent to the AP until the neighboring AP.
If the Therapist chooses to include APs in creating the MPs:
The Therapist inserts a hollow hypodermic needle as the needle of the BMN into the AP, it remains inserted some twenty minutes for performing the acupuncture effect.
The Therapist injects with this hollow needle, some drops of the drug he has elected, into the AP to perform Mesopuncture and the pharmacological effect.

With the same needle remaining into the PA, the Therapist injects some drops of the same drug, according to star shape, through the thickness of the dermis surrounding the AP, creating then the MPs.

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