mercredi 13 janvier 2016

The Knee osteoarthritis: Letter to Patient.

The Knee osteoarthritis: Letter to Patient.
Dear Patient
Wearied by this knee pain appearing after few meters walk, which bothers and poisons your life:
Your Acupuncturist did what he could and you are tired of so many needles, so much lost time and money with…no tangible results.
It is time to associate Acupuncture to medicines of our time, the time in which we live with the progress in medicine and pharmacology.

Several medicines of our Western Pharmacopoeia, active on the various types of common pain, traumatic or rheumatic, are used in western medicine to treat the knee osteoarthritis. These liquid drugs can be used in #Mesopuncture, also.

  Few drops of one of these drugs are deposited with/without needles (by iontophoresis), in the various Acupuncture Points _ APs, known for being selected for the knee osteoarthritis treatment by Acupuncture. Only APS of local action are selected.
In addition to its known pharmacological effect preserved and also due to its physicochemical structure, the liquid drug stimulates the AP producing an Acupuncture Effect.
These two effects, ‘#Pharmacological Effect’ and ‘Acupuncture Effect’, are characteristic of Mesopuncture or liquid stimulus of the AP.  
·         It is easy, for your Therapist, to associate the ‘Acupuncture Effect’ obtained by classical stimulation of the AP by a metal needle, using the hypodermic needle already inserted and used for Mesopuncture, avoiding new needle insertion pain.
All hypodermic needles cannot be used as #acupunctureneedles:
The needle should remain in-situ for about 20 minutes. 
Prone and supine must be possible.

According to the #FDA for an acupuncture needle it is necessary that the needle has a handle allowing its use by your Acupuncturist.
·         The disposable #BMN, hypodermic needle surmounted by a deformable polymer reservoir filled extemporaneously by your Therapist, is also acupuncture needle (FDA), the reservoir serving as handle to your Professional, during the acupuncture session.
The BMN, allows your Therapist to insert the needle in the AP, and then after few minutes (Acupuncture) to inject some drops of the drug from the reservoir, in the same AP (Mesopuncture).

 In total, with a single needle insertion into each AP, your Therapist has realized a double stimulation of the AP, metallic (classic Acupuncture) and liquid (Mesopuncture), the liquid drug keeping its pharmacological properties (Mesopuncture). 

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