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Stimulus by internal way: Metal needle, in Acupuncture. Liquid drug, in Mesopuncture.

  Stimulus by internal way: Metal needle, in Acupuncture. Liquid drug, in Mesopuncture.
   It is necessary to insert an acupuncture needle, or inject a liquid drug into an Acupuncture point _ AP, to stimulate the AP and obtain the 'Acupuncture Effect'.

      ·     Metal acupuncture Needle
The acupuncture needle has no therapeutic function of its own. It is the needle insertion and its management (Pr LANGEVIN) that often produce through the connective tissue, the 'Acupuncture Effect' which is the therapeutic effect of the metallic needle in acupuncture.
·    The 'Acupuncture Effect ' resulting from the metal needle stimulus of the AP, lasts a few days.
     ·     The liquid drug in Mesopuncture
Practiced in China since time, proposed and applied in the West, since the mid of the last century, it also produces an 'Acupuncture Effect'.  
The drug creates, according to the AP, in which it has been injected by the therapist, an Acupuncture Effect while keeping its own pharmacological effect.
 ·    The physicochemical structure of the liquid drug
According to the Pharmacopoeia, duration of the pharmacological action of the drug and duration of the maintenance of its effective blood level, for the treatment as well as the speed of their elimination from the human body, are two specific characteristics of the drug, depending on the physicochemical structure of the liquid drug. Physicochemical structure of the drug is also at origin of the AP stimulus and its duration that is to say of its Acupuncture Effect, the medication keeping, when it is injected / deposited in the AP, its 'Pharmacological Effect' and its duration.
The AP stimulus by a liquid drug and its Acupuncture Effect is either of same duration or generally of much longer duration than the 'Acupuncture Effect' created by the acupuncture needle.
The ‘Pharmacological Effect’ of the liquid drug is of same duration as the 'Acupuncture Effect', of this same drug, both depend on the physicochemical structure of the drug.

·    The 'pharmacological effect' and the 'acupuncture effect' of the drug used, are two effects that complement the 'Acupuncture Effect' previously obtained by stimulation of the AP with the single needle.  
There is a synergy of action between the 'Acupuncture Effect', obtained by the needle inserted or the drug injected into this same AP, and the 'Pharmacological Effect' of the drug used to stimulate the AP.
They are then two ' Acupuncture Effects ' added to the 'Pharmacological Effect' of the drug.
* Ultimately, the three effects: ' Acupuncture Effect ' by needle, ' Acupuncture Effect ' by liquid drug and 'Pharmacologic effect' of the drug, are synergistic and are a complete treatment of the health or aesthetic disorder with the only reservation that the duration of the Effects by the liquid drug stimulus is of longer duration than the Acupuncture Effect resulting from the metal needle stimulus.

·     Duration of the therapeutic effects of the liquid drug in Mesopuncture
We have in our pharmacopoeia, drugs with Pharmacological Effect of variable duration. *-* Some day: They are the drugs of common use in daily medicine either intravenously or intramuscularly.
*-* Few weeks: They are active in rheumatic pain, sports. They are used in the APs selected for their Acupuncture Effect active also on pain of rheumatism, sport...
*-* Some months ·       
In general, the drug selected and used in Mesopuncture is retained by its own Pharmacological Effect, synergistic of the Acupuncture Effect created by liquid stimulation of the AP in which this liquid drug has been injected.
It is not possible, in our medical ethics, to use a long or very long lasting drug, for example with Pharmacological Effect, to lengthen the Acupuncture Effect duration of an AP with antalgic Acupuncture Effect, according to Chinese medicine to this AP: Each drug has more or less harmful side effects that the therapist cannot risk to create in his patient of whatsoever intensity, in unrecognized indications by the College of physicians.
We do not have, for the moment, drugs with long or very long duration of action for the different pathologies we could treat, having a synergistic Pharmacological Effect compared to its Acupuncture Effect created when this drug is injected into the selected AP.
.      The problem is different using the hyaluronic acid. It is a so-called comfort liquid drug, used in esthetics.
It is selected not for its pharmacological effect reduced to a mechanical, physical, chemical, filling effect of several months but for its long lasting Acupuncture effect without notable pharmacological action even harmful when it is injected into the AP.
This Acupuncture Effect is of much longer term than the metal needle, in parallel with the length of its elimination from the human body as specified in the pharmacopoeia.
Moreover The Hyaluronic acid is synergistic of any Acupuncture Effect created when this drug is injected into any AP.
Its main interest is obvious: Duration of its Acupuncture Effect by physical stimulus of the AP with a possible aesthetic advantage without any negative side effect.

It is a drug that can be used in the vast majority of patients to space consultations.

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