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Mesotherapy and Acupuncture/Mesopuncture. The #BMN, Only one needle…

Mesotherapy and Acupuncture/Mesopuncture. The #BMN, Only one needle, only one insertion into the skin

#Mesotherapy points are created by deposits in any part of the dermis or superficial hypodermis of small doses of an active liquid drug.
But, in the thickness of the skin, pre-exist the Acupuncture Points described for millennia, with the following properties:
·         The diagram of meridians longitudinally located at the body surface on which are described the Acupuncture Points_ APs, is conventional.
The meridians are, in fact, Pr. LANGEVIN, connective tissue cleavage planes and APs are greater amounts of connective tissue with aligned collagen fibers easily accessible from the location, at the skin surface, of the AP: The AP becoming the easiest way to reach the connective tissue.
To be active, the APs must be stimulated either by a compact needle; it is the classical acupuncture or by a hollow acupuncture needle, the BMN, performing as the compact acupuncture needle, a metallic stimulus of the AP but also a liquid stimulus or Mesopuncture by injection of few drops of a liquid drug into this same AP.
In Mesopuncture, the liquid drug has two properties depending on its physicochemical structure: On the one hand it keeps the pharmacological properties and their duration, recognized by the pharmacopoeia; secondly it has a stimulating effect on the AP whose duration is similar to the duration of its pharmacological effect.
Generally, the APs have a systematized location, known for thousands of years and a path beginning in the connective tissue and ending at the surface of the skin.
Besides that, Mesotherapy Points _MPs are created by injecting few drops of a liquid drug anywhere into the dermis except where APs are located: It is necessary for the Therapist to know the location of APs for not achieving Mesopuncture if he chooses to create MPs, especially as often, APs and MPs are so very close that they are adjacent ... The BMN we use is a hypodermic needle surmounted by a small polymer reservoir: It is a handle which allows the needle use during the acupuncture session, in compliance with the FDA acupuncture needle definition.
 The BMN device is used to insert the needle in the AP for performing Acupuncture and then, by pressing two fingers on the reservoir above the needle, it is possible to inject few drops from the liquid drug contained in its reservoir on the one hand in the AP to achieve Mesopuncture and secondly, into the dermis, around the AP to create MPs””.

The BMN in treatment, by Dry Needling_ DN and Wet Needling_ WN for the pathology of Trigger Points_ TPs:
Two versions of treatment, WN and DN, are described: either the direct needling where the needle is inserted into the TP or indirect needling where the needle is inserted at distance from the TP.

The needle of the BMN is 13mm and will allow to perform, depending on the depth of the TP, both DN and WN either in its direct or indirect version.

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